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Products - DuraComm Lighting
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Functional and cost-effective linear family of products that provides solutions architectural lines of light, soffits, coves, niches and other focus areas of illumination.

The Dura Architectural Strand Pixels are an intelligent lighting source that is low-profile, high lumen and easily mountable in varied lighting applications.

Interior/Exterior in-grade lighting fixture providing single color or dynamic multiple channel lighting in each tile. This low-profile fixture is built for foot traffic or light utility vehicle traffic and creates an dynamic walkway, artistic show or functional pathway lighting alternative.

Interior/Exterior linear architectural wash luminaire providing a versatile broad distribution with either single mountable fixtures and independent power or a solution fixture delivered with a mountable frame inclusive with pre-mounted power supply, 1, 2 or 3 fixtures, adjustable project angling.

Innovative fixture design allows for scalable lighting with excellent glare control benefiting high-ceiling finished spaces such as convention centers and big box retail yet with excellent high lumen options for distributions centers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Attractive, clean lines linear fixture meeting both low bay applications (10’-20’) such as corridors, stairwells, lower ceiling facilities and various task lighting applications and also with high lumen options for linear applications such as distribution center aisle lighting and manufacturing lines.