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Dura Architectural Puck - DuraComm Lighting
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Architectural LED Luminaires

DuraComm Lighting’s Dura Architectural LED Luminaires meet traditional linear, graze and architectural façade wash applications as well as providing lighting designers with essential and flexible lighting tools through our Pixel and Puck solutions.


Dura Architectural Puck – Lighting Designer Essential Tools

Creative lighting design requires flexible lighting sources that meet varying illumination, optics, installation and cable management requirements. The Dura Architectural Puck meets these expectations with an engineered, directional lighting source adaptable to almost any type of specialty application such as public art projects, chandeliers, points of light in both direct and indirect view applications.

  • 5” diameter, multi-die LED lighting source with the lighting source at the end of the cable
  • Gasketed, screw-on optic allows for specific optical distribution using TIRs (Total Inward Reflectors)
  • Cable length configurable to lighting application requirements
  • Controllable utilizing DuraConnect patent pending data and power cable harness and control enabler
  • White (multiple Kelvins), Single Color, RGBW